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Pool Openings & Closings

pool opening and closingSerenity Pools offers beginning of the season pool openings as well end of the season pool closings. This ensures that your pool and equipment will be properly prepped for the offseason and will be ready for swimming once the spring arrives.

Our pool opening services include:

  • Remove cover and prepare for storage
  • Blow off deck and equipment pad
  • Remove all winterizing plugs
  • Put in skimmer baskets
  • Put all necessary plugs in pump and filter
  • Start and inspect pump and filtration system
  • Install ladders and handrails (if removed)
  • Fill pool to appropriate level

Our pool closing services include:

  • Drain and blow out filtering equipment
  • Blow out plumbing lines
  • Plug plumbing lines
  • Remove ladders and handrails
  • Install cover